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David Vallon

“Tarantino Real Estate did a wonderful job handling our short sale real estate needs. Being located on the East Coast, they took care of all matters needed and established electronic ways for us to complete the necessary work, saving us from traveling back to California just to sign papers. When issues arose, they took their time to resolve them personally to ensure the sale went through. They made it seem seamless for us to finally get out from a tough situation.

The most impressive aspect of the transaction was the personal effort applied when issues arose. During the sale, the inspector turned off the power in part of the house due to an issue he caused, and failed to mention it. Due to the loss of power, the sprinkler system stopped working, causing the yard to begin to brown and need attention. Chris took the time to implement a stop-gap solution until the inspector was able to return and fix his issue, ensuring that the property continued to look good for the buyers to remain interested. It made a big difference in comfort for us that we could rely on him rather than having to fly back to California during a difficult time for us.

The most important benefit from using Tarantino Real Estate was the comfort received during a difficult time. Both Chris and Lori kept us in the loop throughout the process allowing us to trust that the process would be successful. It was a stressful situation to go through, but their constant attention and reassurance made all the difference in being able to sit back and be optimistic that we would sell the house.

Our experience relied heavily on the customer service, and this was the key strong point that made us decide to use Tarantino Real Estate. I do not have any suggestion as the service went above and beyond.”