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Private Reserve Seller – Russ Kuckenbaker and Jami McWhorter

The best two words to describe our feeling about your company are “Trust” and “Confidence”. We trusted you would do the right thing for us and you would get us top dollar for our home, which you successfully did. I had compete confidence in your capabilities to get the job done, including educating us on what was happening in the market, preparing us on what to expect in the process and keeping us organized and staying on top of the timeline so not to miss any critical deadlines. We just knew working with you, the process was going to be well managed and well executed. True Professionals! You sat us down and took the time to understand our situation and what was driving our decision to sell. I have never had another agent take the time and dedicated effort to engage professionally and discuss our options and the pros and cons of every step in the process. You have set the bar for other agents!

Thank you!

Russ and Jami